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Say goodbye to wrinkles

Neuromodulator treatments like Dysport are the greatest approach to look younger immediately. With these minimally invasive injections, you may get rid of deep wrinkles as well as fine lines without having to undergo surgery or change your facial expressions.

Treatment benefits

1. Zero downtime
Leave the facility looking and feeling younger.

2. Look natural
Results that are smooth and relaxed.

3. Quick treatment
It only takes 10 minutes.

Dysport Aesthetic is an injection used to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines ( glabellar lines) and crows feet (lateral canthal lines) in adults under 65 years of age. The medicinal ingredient is called Botulinum toxin type A. The important non-medicinal ingredients are human serum albumin and lactose monohydrate.

Wrinkles develop as a result of the regular movement of muscles. Dysport Aesthetic relaxes these muscles, preventing the deep lines and wrinkles that will eventually form, in these areas.

Some patients will see results as soon as 24 hours after treatment, with an average time of about 3 days. The maximal effect is at 14 days.

The most common side effects are headache, injection site pain, upper respiratory infection, and sinus infection. Eyelid ptosis (drooping), eyelid edema (swelling), injection site reactions (e.g. bruising, itchy skin, swelling), temporary facial paralysis close to the injection site, blurred or double vision, and dry eyes have also been reported.

Generally, patients will need treatment every 3 months.

Dysport Aesthetic is injected into the relevant muscle, by an experienced doctor. The physician will determine the right dose for the desired effect.

  • If you have myasthenia gravis, ALS or any muscle disorders
  • If you have any eye disorders , including dropping eyes or dry eyes.
  • If you have a bleeding disorder or are on any blood thinners
  • If you are allergic or sensitive to any botulinum toxin product
  • If you have an infection at the proposed site
  • If you are scheduled to have a surgery using a general anaesthetic
  • If you are taking antibiotics, especially amino glycoside antibiotics
  • If you are pregnant or nursing
  • If you have pre existing swallowing or breathing difficulties

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Dr. Therusha Naidoo

Dr. Therusha Naidoo is a medical doctor (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, 2005) with a family practice and over ten years of experience in Medical Aesthetics since 2011.

Dr. Naidoo has a Master’s in Aesthetics at the University of Cordoba, Spain.

She is very active in her practice, performing all treatments at our clinic.

She also offers a variety of treatments to keep you looking young and refreshed, whilst maintaining a natural outcome.


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I’ve been a client of Dr. Naidoo for years, and I can confidently say that she is the absolute best! She always makes me feel comfortable and does an excellent job at what she does. Every time you go to her office, you are guaranteed great results because they know how knowledgeable they are in their field.
Mara Johnson
Client, Surrey BC
Dr. Therusha Naidoo has made my experience here amazing every single visit since I started going to them about 4 months ago – EVERYONE who works here exceeds expectations by knowing exactly what needs done before even telling them anything which proves just how passionate everyone really is about what they do.
Annette Kestin
Client, White Rock BC
I love how Dr. Therusha has an air of kindness and professionalism about her, which is hard to come by these days! Every time I go in for a treatment she always makes me feel at ease because the place exudes such positivity that it’s impossible not to walk out feeling refreshed. She does wonderful work with my skin too; The result? My face looking fresh and natural without any hint of makeup.
Sophia Mattheson
Client, Vancouver BC

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