Botox® for Hyperhidrosis

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Regain self-confidence and control over excessive sweating

High-fives, holding hands, and wearing white shirts in public might be embarrassing if hyperhidrosis is an issue for you. Hyperhidrosis sufferers can sweat through their clothes even when it’s not hot outside. Intense perspiration is a common symptom of hyperhidrosis, however, it can occur anywhere on the body. Hyperhidrosis is often misunderstood by those who suffer from it; nevertheless, with the correct doctor, hyperhidrosis can be effectively handled.

Treatment benefits

1. Wear what you want
Sweat doesn’t limit your wardrobe anymore.

2. Connect and reconnect
Give hugs and hold hands, once again.

3. Rediscover your confidence
Feeling dry and smelling better.

Injections of a neuromodulator, such as Botox®, are frequently used to treat hyperhidrosis locally. When you use it, the sweat glands in the treated area are momentarily “turned off,” offering you the comfort desired.

BOTOX® Therapeutic has been used successfully to treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) for over 20 years, is quick and painless, and is approved by Health Canada.

BOTOX® reduces excessive sweating by blocking the release of acetylcholine at nerve endings, which inhibits sweat gland stimulation. Once Dr. Naidoo has established the severity of your perspiration, she will determine the recommended dose of BOTOX® per location. BOTOX® will be injected into the desired treatment region by Dr. Naidoo. If necessary, comfort measures such as a cooler or a topical numbing ointment are offered.

Think of it as a small price to pay to avoid months of sweat and irritated annoyance. You’ll also see results right away.

Choose a longer-lasting remedy over chemicals. For up to six months, Botox® Therapeutic can reduce sweating in the underarms, forehead, palms, and scalp. Stop avoiding handshakes, wear your beloved silk blouse again, and stop sweating!

Face: Reduce facial sweat to improve the appearance of your skin

Hands: Go ahead and confidently shake hands on that contract.

Armpits: Don’t worry about sweating through your expensive clothing.

Legs: Don’t allow a little perspiration stand in the way of living your best life.

Groin: Excess sweat is no longer a source of embarrassment.

Duration per area: 40 minutes

Recommended Sessions:
Treatments should be repeated every 6–9 months, or as needed.

After Treatment Care:
There is no need for any post-treatment care.

In many cases, patients feel better in just a few days after starting treatment.

Many individuals report being sweat-free for up to 7 months. Some people, on the other hand, report positive results for up to a year.

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