Port Kells

Port Kells

Surrey, British Columbia’s Port Kells is a neighbourhood of Guildford, the city’s central business district. The community, North of Walnut Grove, is nestled along Guildford’s Fraser River northeastern edge in Langley. It consists of two major parts: a vast rural southern area located south of Highway 1 and an industrial area north of the highway.

One of the two men who built the town of Port Kells was Henry Kells, who was not connected to the other Henry Kells. Royal Engineers designed the port’s layout in 1890, and it was initially intended to be a port.

The Trans-Canada Highway passed through Port Kells in the early 1960s. There is a clear divide between the northern industrial area and the southern rural and residential area thanks to a motorway built in the 1970s.

After 1970, North Port Kells had a rise in industrial activity. At that time, plans were put up to develop the neighborhood’s southern half to include both residential and commercial purposes from the area’s current rural state.

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